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Protecting your ideas is what we do.

The firm has extensive experience in many aspects of intellectual property and business law. We have extensive experience facilitating patent protection in all major Asian and European countries. We also offer patentability, non-infringement and invalidity opinions, we prepare non-disclosure, license, technology transfer and other agreements, and we represent clients in both informal and formal dispute resolution.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in technology.

The firm has diverse experience in many technical disciplines and we are passionate about developing extensive knowledge in our clients’ technologies. Our clients are in a variety of disciplines, including integrated circuit design, semiconductor and other manufacturing, nanotechnology, software, chemicals, packaging, transportation equipment, construction, green energy, and many others.

With knowledge comes insight.

Every business should endeavor to protect and promote their intellectual property. An effective intellectual property strategy acts as (i) a barrier, to protect the company’s proprietary products and services, (ii) an asset for monetizing technology, and (iii) a key to opening new business and investment opportunities. Through our long-term relationships with our clients, we are advantageously positioned to advise and assist our clients with both general and specific intellectual property policies and strategies.

We offer cost-effective solutions.

We offer cost-effective patent preparation and prosecution services and trademark registration services on a fixed-fee basis, and it is our policy not to bill our clients for many incidental expenses, such as access charges for online databases, telephone or fax charges.